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August 21st, 2010
12:38 am


3rd place in poker tournament
I took 3rd place out of 10 people in a Texas Hold'em poker tournament at the Silver Legacy casino. Heather finished somewhere around 6th or 7th. Unfortunately, the prize pool only goes to the top 2 finishers. That's the second time in a row I finished one place short of winning money, otherwise known as "being on the bubble" or "bubble boy". However, I did collect a $10 "bounty" for knocking out a player.

Overall, I played pretty well and had some good luck. However, I also had some bad luck, and made one incredibly bad mistake.

High and low lights:

-Silver Legacy uses computerized poker tables with no human dealers and no physical cards. Everything is done on video screens. That took a bit of getting used to. The computerized tables don't seem very popular, I hardly saw anyone playing outside of the tournament.

-Early in the tournament, a player ahead of me went all in. I had pocket aces, called all in, and my aces held up. Made me the early chip leader.

-Later two 4s came on the flop, and the player on my right went all in. I was sure one of my hole cards was a 4, so I called. But when my hole cards were flipped up, I discovered I had a king and an 8. I should have verified my cards before calling. Lost over half my chips and dropped to 4th out of 5 remaining players.

-Managed to get back into second place, and then flopped an Ace-high flush. Player on my right again went all in and I called. He had 3-of-a-kind, making me a big favorite. But another pair appeared on the river, giving my opponent a full house and the pot.

-In 3rd place, and with 100 fewer chips than 2nd place, I went all in with King-Queen, player on my right had Ace-Ten, and his Ace won, knocking me out of the tournament.

Losing the Ace-high flush was disappointing, but that's just luck. At least know I played it right. Misreading my hand and calling an all-in without checking my cards made me mad at myself. But I was proud that I was able to recover and pull back into second, before getting knocked out by two unlucky hands.

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January 2nd, 2010
10:34 pm


Getting a Windows 7 64-bit client to print to a Canon S300 printer shared by an XP 32-bit server
After some struggle and many Google searches, I finally got my new Windows 7 64-bit laptop to print to my Canon S300 printer that is shared by an XP 32-bit server. The critical pieces of information were

1. "How to install a printer driver locally for a remote printer in Windows XP"

See: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/282842

The instructions there were for XP, but I was able to apply them to Windows 7.

2. When Windows 7 asks you to select your printer, the Canon S300 drivers will not appear on the list of supported printers until you click the "Windows Update" button.

I did notice two similarly named drivers "BubbleJet Inkjet S300" and plain "Inkjet S300" I went with the plain "Inkjet S300".

When I then printed the test page, it printed successfully. However, the Canon "Print Monitor" application will not display the printer status, reporting that the Windows 7 driver version is not compatible with the server driver version. I'll see if upgrading the XP driver helps with that.

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September 15th, 2009
06:20 pm


Vegas fun and games
Yesterday I won 5th place at a poker tournament at the South Point casino. That was 1 place shy of winning part of the prize pool, but I did win $10 in bonus money for knocking two players out of the tournament.

Today, Heather and I both made the final table at a poker tournament at the Gold Coast casino. Heather took 10th place, I took 5th. I was 2 places away from the prize money, but had a lot of fun.

My current favorite slot machine is Star Trek. I especially enjoy the Red Alert bonus round. I always enjoyed starship battles, and this game makes you feel like you are in the middle of the action.

Another feature I like on the Star Trek slot is that you can collect virtual medals to unlock new games. The machines save your medals in a central server, so you can log in on any machine and add to your collection.

Heather's favorite slot remains Davinci Diamonds, a slot inspired by the Bejeweled computer game. With gemstones and Davinci paintings for symbols and baroque style music, it's probably the prettiest slot I've seen.

Current Location: THEhotel, Las Vegas

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June 28th, 2009
03:33 pm


"Internet Explorer 8" "File Download" Stops at "Getting File Information"

Recently, my copy of "Internet Explorer" 8 (IE8) stopped downloading files. It displayed a window titled "File Download " with the status "Getting File Information". But it never actually started the download. The animation in the window kept running, so I knew the program wasn't completely frozen.

I searched Google for a solution, but the first several links did not help. I did finally find one link that mentioned that antivirus software can cause this. I temporarily disabled my Symantec Norton Internet Security antivirus software, and IE8 then successfully download files. I then enabled my antivirus software, and downloads continued to work.

I am hoping that posting this solution on my blog may help someone find the solution on Google more easily.

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January 4th, 2009
02:31 pm


More software problems: FIREFOX 3
This is apparently my week for software issues....

I was a bit annoyed at how long it takes Internet Explorer 7 to open new windows.  When I last time tried Firefox, several months ago, Firefox 3 was just wrapping up its beta testing and had some issues with Adobe's Flash player.  This time, I hoped Firefox 3 had been out long enough to fix any major issues, so I decided to give it another try.

Right away, I ran into a problem.  The page back, page forward, and page history functions did not work.  Apparently this is a fairly common problem, because the main Firefox support page had an article about it.  Using that article allowed me to resolve the issue.  But I am once again disappointed that a popular, mature software program would have such major problems, right after installation.

I wonder what it will take to get software to work right, reliably.

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January 2nd, 2009
10:25 pm


Blackberry sync with Outlook fails if no mail account is configured

It surprises me how software that is published by and widely used by major corporations can be so badly written.

I recently tried installing Microsoft Outlook and RIM Blackberry Desktop Manager so that I could sync my Blackberry with my PC.  When I tried to configure the Blackberry Desktop Manager to sync with Outlook, I received a cryptic "Option's value is unacceptable" error message.  It would have been nice if the software told me which option, what the value was, and why that value was unacceptable. 

After much searching, I finally came across an article from RIM that explained this was because my Outlook e'mail (MAPI) profile was invalid.  That was probably because I hadn't configured Outlook to access e'mail.  I use Yahoo! Mail's web (HTTP) interface and didn't want to use Outlook (or any other POP client) to access my mail.

But apparently Desktop Manager requires that Outlook be configured with an e'mail account, even if I don't plan to access e'mail via Outlook.  So, I dutifully added my Yahoo Mail account to Outlook, and simply told Outlook to never access it.

But that wasn't good enough.  I then received an error from Outlook:  "The operation failed. An object could not be found."  Once again, the error is cryptic.  What operation failed?  Which object was not found?

A Microsoft article explained that the only cure for this error was to configure a whole new user profile in Outlook.  I did that, and finally my Blackberry would sync. with Outlook.

The experience was very disappointing.  These are products that have been shipping for several years, and which I paid good money for.  I don't understand why they would fail so badly.


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07:13 pm


Yahoo Online Protection removal: yaxclean
In a previous post, I wrote that I used  the "Norton Removal Tool" and "unyop.exe" programs finish removing Yahoo Online Protection after the initial uninstall failed.  Well, I found another possible solution I should have tried first.

The AT&T Yahoo! help pages include an article "How do I uninstall AT&T Yahoo! Online Protection? - AT&T Yahoo! Online Protection version 2.5".  I had read that article but I missed this at the bottom: "If you experience any difficulties with the uninstall process, click here to perform an additional uninstall of the software."  That "click here" link downloads a file called "yaxclean.exe".  I haven't tried it, but at least it's documented, unlike the "unyop.exe" program I ended up using.

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06:56 pm


Configuring Norton Internet Security 2009 to allow incoming "ping"
After installing Norton Internet Security 2009 (NIS 2009) on one of my PCs, I discovered that I could not ping that PC from other computers.  It appears this is because the NIS firewall by default includes a rule blocking incoming ICMP packets from all computers.  The list of firewall rules does also include a rule to allow incoming ICMP packets, but the rule is disabled and NIS will not allow the rule to be modified. 

One solution appears to be to edit the NIS trust settings and grant the other PCs on my subnet "Full Access" to the system running NIS.  But I wanted to try something that would only add "ping" access.  I had hoped I could modify the rule blocking ICMP to say "All computers except..." the ones I wanted to grant access, but that doesn't appear to be an option.  So, I ended up adding a new firewall rule that would allow ping packets to be received only from the other PC on my network.  I placed that rule before the rule blocking ICMP, and I was then able to "ping" the PC running NIS from the other computer on my LAN.

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December 22nd, 2008
10:53 pm


Removing Yahoo Online Protection (YOP)
I ran into a problem recently trying to remove Yahoo Online Protection (YOP) from one of my computers.  For some reason, the uninstall program hung half way through the uninstall.  This left me with a partially installed copy.  Unfortunately, the uninstaller for YOP no longer appeared in "Add/Remove Programs".  I tried reinstalling, but the installer told me YOP was already installed.

The solution took two steps:

1.  Download and run Symantec's "Norton Removal Tool".
2.  In the "C:\Progarm Files\Yahoo\Common" directory, run "unyop.exe".

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September 11th, 2008
11:04 pm


New job at Cisco

I've just accepted a new job at Cisco.  I'll be a software development manager for Cisco's "IOS XR" operating system.

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